High Point Market is approaching and we are looking forward to presenting our new collections. One of our fall introductions is the Eres sofa. “Eres” aka Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos, rivalry, contention and discord who at first is small and insignificant, but then grows so large that her head touches Heaven.

We picked the name Eres because she’s beautiful, strong, demanding and without attention to detail, her tufted lines are at risk of chaos.


Our inspiration for the Eres Sofa came from a favorite piece of ours called the Sabine. Sabine is a curvy, all-over deep-diamond tufted collection with beautiful shapely wood legs that has won the hearts of design enthusiasts around the world. As Modern Sofas stated, “Sabine by Nathan Anthony… its tufting is perfection. Matched with whimsical feet that look like Manolos for sofas… kiev.natashaescort.com I cannot wait to see it in person.” With Eres, we wanted to modernize Sabine by dropping the frame and tufting to the floor, causing the sofa to float one inch above ground. This is appealing for the modern aesthetic because the lower height of the seat and profile opens up the interior space, making walls and rooms look taller. Also, there are no wood or metal accents to interrupt the continuous clean geometric lines. Eres could be both the family playpen that everyone can cuddle up to watch a movie as well as the singular sculpture in the room that screams “I’m beautiful.” We agree and would like to know what you think…

Visit The Eres Sofa Collection at High Point Market

October 18 – 23 – in the I.H.F.C., Interhall suite 207