We looooooooove when the new year rolls around…Happy 2018 everyone! As creative people and designers of furniture, we have an insatiable need for newness and things that grab our attention. Like the Cookie Monster does cookies, we gobble up new ideas. It’s important to get out of the office and away from your regular routine to get a fresh perspective. Check out the runways, street markets, couture shops, museums, architecture, concerts and more, not only in your local cities, but all over the world! There are so many treasures to find in the simplest of places to the most extraordinary spaces. As 2018 kicks off, take a look at our predictions on what will influence the art of the home and interior design projects for the coming year.

Our trend-spotting trips to Europe and other locales have been fruitful and invigorating. With stops in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, London and Milan, we spotted colors, patterns, shapes and textiles that are currently shaping design aesthetic and home interiors in Europe and the world. But we didn’t stop there, we also hit haute spots in Singapore and Japan!

Topping the list are trends we call “Artisanal Touches.” These are elements in the design that show the presence of the artist or artisan and give the object soul. An imperfectly round ceramic bowl shows a richness, proof of the claymaker’s sculpting hands. Likewise, as with our award winning Dali chair, the petals of leather on the outside back are imperfectly oval. These leather petals are cut by hand and when sewn across intersecting lines tend to fall as they wish, taking on a personality of their own. This adds to the beauty of a Dali chair made just for you in leathers of your choosing. Such products are made with care and concern for beauty, something a machine just cannot do.



Guaxs Objects

In Paris and Singapore, we’ve seen millennial pink capture the heart of both the cities. In both fashion and home-décor, top fashion houses have elevated the color scheme and applied it in a number of new and creative ways. The prominent colors in everything from dress fabrics to accessories are white with black mixed with pastel hues and jewel tones.

We also see the desire for products that push the edge, bringing unique artisanal techniques like ruffles, special stitching, feathers, gathering fabric or ruching on materials that haven’t been used in this way before, especially on upholstery. It’s mixing dressy with casual, haute silk ruffles and feathers with casual tube socks in heels… and the tubesocks don’t have to match!

Prada, ruffles, tube socks, feathers, pink

Our signature pieces with leather ruffles, ruching, special stitching

Fendi – fur, tube socks, ruffles, ruching, pink

Our Jolie chair, ruffled leather, fur pillow

Louis Vuitton, the maters series – art, jewel tones, pink

It was a very inspirational year. There is a growing aesthetic of Openness. Indeed, large open spaces in living areas are more desirable and offer designers more entries and exits from different parts of the room. This architectural trend has prompted space planning and interior designers to bring furnishings away from walls and into the center of the rooms. See what interior designers are doing with our distinctive designs:

Elan sectional, Dali chairs, Tetra tables, Roxx rugs

Our Model 41 sectional and Smitty chair, photo credit: Ocean Blu Designs

Our Korz chairs, Chess chairs and Minx sofa, photo credit: Couture Spaces

It’s imperative to establish visual interest from every vantage point in contemporary spaces. The backs and sides of furnishings are now as much the focal point of the room as the nexus of the seating area is. And, when you combine artisnal touches to the pieces, it’s a welcome challenge for us as furniture designers. It’s a license to get creative and push the edge.

With this 360 degree concept in mind, we designed the Korz chair, the Dali chair, the Chelle chair, the Perle angle sofa, the Elan sectional and the Jolie chair. These are just some of our best selling items that can make a room pop from any eye-view.




Perle angle sofa

Elan collection

Elan/S swivel

Jolie swivel

With these trends at the forefront, we are very excited about 2018 and hope you are too. We challenge you to look at your favorite things or products and see if you can find evidence of the artists hand or what we call Artisanal Touches.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question about this blog please contact us at inquiries@nafurniture.com. To keep up with the latest happenings here at Nathan Anthony, please connect with us on FacebookGoogle+, TwitterInstagram  and Pinterest.