Ahh, Summer, how we love you so!

Beautiful weather, kids home from school, a nice cold lemonade in hand, while catching some rays by the pool… we love Summer days, especially with good company!

At Nathan Anthony, we love entertaining at home and it’s important that our guests feel comfortable and the environment is fun and inviting. Although, here in California we enjoy indoor / outdoor living almost all year round, Summer provides everything for a fun get together in the comfort of your home. To celebrate the season, we’d like to share our top tips for transforming your home into the perfect space for a fun Summer shindig (hint: read to the end for the best tip!).

A welcoming foyer / entryway, is the first step. Set the tone in this area by adding color, plants for warmth and life and don’t forget family photos & fun accessories. A nice settee by the door, where your guests can sit and take off their shoes or other outerwear, can also add a great touch. It is important to keep this space in your home inviting and alive! Providing a feeling of hospitality will help your guests relax, enjoy themselves and stay awhile.

Elan sofa (black) interior design & photo courtesy @MichelleWenitskyInteriorDesign


Dali Chair – Showroom 58 Entry

A dark, dimly lit entrance may make your guests want to turn right around. With all the beautiful chandeliers available now, this is a great way to both properly light the area, but also a beautiful chandelier can be the first WOW factor of your home.


Elan Sectional – Spaces Designed Interior Design

Greenwich sectional, interior design & photo courtesy @CashmanDesigns

Relax curved sectional, Korz chair

Relax curved sectional, Monetti triangle table, Roxx rug

Elan sectional by @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Sectionals are GREAT for entertaining. They provide a lot of seating for small or large spaces, come in many different options and allow you to show off your personal interior style.


Humphrey collection, at Alice Lane

Keep furniture arranged in an easy to navigate style. No one likes to shuffle through knees when having to use the restroom in the movie theater, the same goes for your home. Don’t place over-sized furniture so closely that it’s difficult to squeeze through, and try to corral all loose toys, plants, etc. to keep guests from tripping over them.

We know, we know, this one is tough! It’s so easy to grab the mail, walk into the house and leave it on the kitchen counter or drop your day clothes on the ground and plop into the closest chair – GUILTY! but tackle the clutter before guests arrive. This allows for more space when entertaining and keeps your home looking clean, tidy and fresh feeling.

Muse bed & Z-3 ottoman- interior design & photo courtesy Mint Interiors


Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

Evok modular sectional

For those who have a larger area to work with, using modular sectionals make for great and flexible seating arrangements. This helps keep groups together who would like to stay close and provides options to your guests. Not all guests will care to sit around the tv, so using parts of sectionals for relocating seating areas where your guests can gather for intimate conversation or games is a great way to help all feel welcomed and keep the party going. You can also consider using armless chairs, ottomans, poufs, overstuffed pillows, and stacked chairs for this purpose.

Cielo sofas interior design & photo courtesty @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Cielo sofas interior design & photo courtesty @FlauntInteriorsDesign

Think circular areas. Place sofas in a way that it creates a circular style where guests can easily hold a comfortable and intimate conversation.

For those fortunate enough to have beautiful outdoor weather in the Summer, having seating arrangements outdoors will take your party from zero to everything! This allows guests to spread out and enjoy all the different aspects of your home. When choosing the perfect table and chairs for outdoor entertaining, focus on seating and tables with legs that are long and allow for air flow under furniture. This trick also gives visitors the illusion of a more open environment.


Tina Nicole’s favorite! @Tina_nicolesig

Make cupcakes!

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